The Coding Journey

From Beginner To Winner - How I Learned To Code

Rails w/ JS frontend project

I chose to update my previous Rails application for this project. The application was designed to allow a user to signup or login with their facebook credentials and look up or create reviews for games that have been submitted to the application. The user can also create a new game if one hasnt already been submitted.

Rails Portfolio Review Site

The name of the game is to build, break, and fix over and over again. And sometimes, its okay to walk away from the computer for a moment so you can come back with a new perspective. This project definitely tested me on that amongst many many things.

Sinatra Web-App: Wine Cellar


This is a Sinatra web application for a digital Wine Cellar. The purpose of this application is for the user to store their wine collection on an online database where they can access and update their collection.

Sinatra and ActiveRecord

I am nearly done with the Sinatra section of the bootcamp and I must say that I understand why developers choose to use frameworks to deploy their apps. Going from plain old Ruby, where I learned how things like the Yield function is actually working “under the hood”, to using Sinatra and Active Record to quickly build objects that assume relationships and persist data without having to build out each SQL query is truly “magical”.

CLI Data Gem Project

I decided to create my project on Cryptocurrency data. Being a timid investor myself, I thought this would be a fun and useful gem for me to have on my machine.